Calculate savings, taxes and retirement needs

SavRet Util is a savings and Retirement Calculator. SavRetUtil is a very accurate and very realistic 'What-If' calculator that takes into account income tax on Interest (or no income tax) and the ever increasing inflation rate. It has two parts.

The first part is a Savings Calculator. It will calculate What-If scenarios for different Savings situations. It can tell you how much to save each month to reach a goal,
or it can tell you at your current savings how much you'll have after so many years, or it can tell you how many years to reach a goal. There are two types of savings calculators.
You can choose between two models.

The second part of SavRetUtil is a retirement calculator. You enter your current age and expected retirement age and some other What-If data and it will tell you how much
money you'll need to retire. It calculates a retirement goal for two scenarios: 1) you live off the monthly interest and don't spend the savings, and 2) you spend the entire
amount. After calculating the retirement scenario when you return to the savings calculator it brings that data to this screen so you can calculate savings scenarios based on the retirement data.

An intertesting and useful savings calculator for Palm PDAs.



SavRetUtil 5.0